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Support For Your Investigations

If this is your first time visiting you may wish to visit the Front Door Welcome area or the Teacher's Guide page to get an overview of CafeMuse.

The Resource Room has been designed to complement the SoundGarden's online activities and the Kitchen's teacher-oriented resources.

Come in!

As you enter the Resource Room you witness a medium sized room, with beautiful oak furniture, sun shining through the large Victorian windows, and you're amazed at how quiet it is. You see Kalliope (a Muse!) reading a book and keeping an eye on the other visitors, making sure that people can find what they need. If she likes you, she'll read you a poem (20") or two (10").

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The Resource Room is a Reference Area

On each of the tables you find a set of bookmarks, carefully organized to help you prepare a lesson, unit of study, research a topic, or just browse the Web according to the five CafeMuse content areas. The web sites they point to are the most effective on the Internet, in terms of content depth, access speed, effective design, and availability.

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Sound and Music Bookmarks

These bookmarks support the Kitchen and the SoundGarden. Use them to find additional background information, questions, answers, and online experts.

Making Music  Who, what, when, how?

Musical Math  What does math have to do with music?

Catching Waves  How do we perceive sound?

Moving Waves  What happens when sound travels?

Making Waves  What are the basics of sound?

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Additional Resource and Reference Bookmarks

Using the Internet in your Classroom

Basic References and Resources

Teacher Professional Development

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Sir Isaac Newton

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