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CoffeeShop: Share a Piece of Your Mind

If this is your first time visiting you may wish to visit the Front Door Welcome area or the Teacher's Guide page to get an overview of CafeMuse.

The CoffeeShop has been designed to complement the SoundGarden's online activities, the Kitchen's teacher-oriented resources, and the Resource Room's support and reference materials.

Come In!

As you enter the CoffeeShop you are instantly greeted by the warm smells of freshly baked pastry, fresh coffee, the sounds of conversation and kids at work (25"). Or are they playing?

There are a group of small tables, you can see Melpomene (a Muse!) sitting and talking to a young boy about music. Seated next to her is one of the CafeMuse music experts, Thalia (a Muse!).

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The CoffeeShop is a Place to Collaborate

It's important know where to find others who share similar interests. You can share ideas with them and also ask them questions. One of the great things about the Internet is that it allows you to meet new people at the touch of a button. And you just might be surprised who you meet!

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