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What are the Six Basic Qualities of Sound Perception?

Auditory Perception an introduction how we hear sound.

Auditory Perception Glossary of Terms

How Do We Perceive Loudness? the psychophysics of loudness.

A Definition of Intensity.

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Explore the Auditory Pathway

The Auditory Pathway basics.

The Ear basics.

The Anatomy of the Ear very thorough.

Physiology of Hearing Basics.

The Middle Ear Basics.

The Inner Ear basics.

The Inner Ear: The Cochlea Basics.

The Organ of Corti Basics.

The Cochlea to brain transmission system Basics.

What is the threshold of hearing?

What is the threshold of pain?

What are some hearing disorders?

What is ringing in the ears called?

The International Society for Psychophysics Latest ISP News New on the ISP pages The library Fechner Day 97 in Poland Membership information How to get in touch with us.

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Auditory Illusions

Contains Sound Examples: The Tritone Paradox do you hear a rising or falling melodic pattern?

Contains Sound Examples: The Scale Illusion do you hear a jagged or a smooth melody?

Contains Sound Examples: Mysterious Melody can you Name That Tune?

Contains Sound Examples: More Shepard's Tones #1 excellent examples of Shepard's Tones from Norma Welch's site.

Contains Sound Examples: More Shepard's Tones #2 a clever imagemap that lets you play and hear individual tones within an octave span.

Contains Sound Examples: More Shepard Tones #3 nice charts and sound examples of the tones.

Contains Sound Examples: More Shepard Tones #4 also called 'pitch circularity,' from the Acoustical Society's Auditory demonstration CD.

Contains Sound Examples: Risset's Endless Glissando (aka More Shepard's Tones #5) this resource has quicktime movies and sound examples that show how the various tones get louder and softer, while changing their pitch.

Contains Sound Examples: The Fransen Effect first come, first heard.

Contains Sound Examples: Huggins Pitch is a faint pitch that can only be heard via stereo or binaural listening.

Contains Sound Examples: Clifton Effect a variation of the Precedence, or first come, first heard Effect.

CD Content of Auditory Illusions by Diana Deutsch. A wonderful source of audio examples to explore and experiment with.

Musical Illusions CD by the leading audio researcher Diana Deutsch.

Learn About Diana Deutsch one of the leading researchers in Auditory Perception.

Contains Sound Examples: Auditory Sound Examples - fill out the form, and check out these auditory illusions and effects!

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3D Sound Adventures

Contains Sound Examples: QSound Samples for low speed connections (28.8 thousand/second modem).

Contains Sound Examples: QSound Samples for high speed connections (T1 - 1.5 million/second).

Contains Sound Examples: 3D Samples called Holophonics for high speed connections (T1 - 1.5 million/second).

Contains Sound Examples: 3D Samples by SRS Labs for high speed connections (T1 - 1.5 million/second).

Contains Sound Examples: Interactive Sound Installation - The Talking Chair an interactive sound sculpture.

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Why Does It Sound Good or Bad?

The Helmholtz Beat Theory of Consonance and Dissonance the beats caused by mismatched harmonics were considered the cause of musical dissonance.

Contains Sound Examples: Binaural Interference from the Parmly Hearing Institute of Loyola University, Chicago.

Contains Sound Examples: Hemi-Sync Demo from the Monroe Institute.

The Hemi-Sync Process from the Monroe Institute.

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Simple Sound Perception Facts

Auditory Glossary Basics.

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Auditory Bibliographies, Indices, and other Resources


A Basic Bibliography for Sonic Studies

References for Auditory/Sound Localization Research an annotated bibliography.

Physics & Psychophysics of Music a thorough introduction to the science of sound and perception.

MIT Auditory Home Page

The Ultimate Spatial Audio Index.

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"Here we will sit, and let the sounds of music
Creep in our ears; soft stillness and the night
Become the touches of sweet harmony."

William Shakespeare

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