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MIDI Drum rhythms you need to have a general MIDI sound card to hear these.

What is a Scale? Basics.

What is a Diatonic Scale? Basics.

Examples of Diatonic Scales Basics.

What is a Chromatic Scale? Basics.

What is Equal Temperament? Basics.

What is Just Intonation #1? Basics.

What is Just Intonation #2? a more thorough background on this means of tuning musical instruments.

A Brief Bibliography Of Tuning and Temperament

Additional Tuning Related Sites

Contains Sound Examples: What is the difference between Consonance & Dissonance?

A Tour Up The Harmonic Series a thorough introduction to this complex subject in relation to its impact on tuning systems.

String Harmonics basics.

Harmonics basics.

Harmonic Series Wheel description of the classic Exploratorium interactive that allows a user to create a composite tone from 16 different sound sources.

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"If you learn music, you'll learn mathematics."

Edgar Cayce

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