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Kitchen: Learning "Recipes" Galore

If this is your first time visiting you may wish to visit the Front Door Welcome area or the Teacher's Guide page to get an overview of CafeMuse.

The Kitchen has been designed to complement the SoundGarden's online activities and the Resource Room's support and reference materials.

Come in!

As you enter the Kitchen you can see Urania (a Muse!). She's busy working on a "recipe" that includes some charts of our solar system accompanied by music of the spheres (64"). As you look around you see a variety of pots steaming away, a multicolored spice rack filled with jars of goodies, and a group of five tables brimming with "recipes."

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The Kitchen is the Teacher's Helper

Here you'll find a variety of learning "recipes" based on the five content areas to help plan your own investigations.

You can pursue many of these activities in your own classrooms, away from the computer. There are, however, suggestions for ways to allow your students to spend 15-30 minutes at a time online in the SoundGarden and Resource Room during the course of a unit of study, a single project, or a single visit. You may wish to visit here often as we continually add new "recipes" and web links as they become available.

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Online Recipes/Lessons

Classroom Recipes/Lessons

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Menus/National Standards

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"Kids retain 5% of what they hear
and 10% of what they read,
but [they retain] 80% of what they do
and 90% of what they teach."

Robert Ballard

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