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Kids Create! Gallery

If this is your first time visiting you may wish to visit the Front Door Welcome area or the Teacher's Guide page to get an overview of CafeMuse.

The Kid's Create! Gallery has been designed to complement the SoundGarden's online activities and the Kitchen's teacher-oriented resources.

Come in!

As you enter the Gallery you see a large room, with a maze of corridors. Hanging on the walls are an array of images, different sized pieces of paper, cardboard, and plastic. The sound of wind chimes (29") softly fills the air, and the sun's afternoon shadows filter through a series of high windows.

In the far corner you can see Erato (a Muse!). She's busy posting some song lyrics submitted by one the CafeMuse Kids. Sometimes she sings one of her own songs as she works. If you listen carefully you may hear her (29").

On the other side you can see Terpsichore (another Muse!). She's busy practicing a dance routine for an upcoming graduation ceremony.

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The Kids Create! Gallery is an Online Display

We know how much fun it is to learn about sound and music. After working so hard on your investigations, it's nice to publish the fruits of your labors. You can show them off to anyone. You never know who might be visiting to see or hear your masterwork!

Register for your own free Kids Create! Gallery web page.

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See what the CafeMuse Kids are up to ...

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CafeMuse Events

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1997 Philadelphia Orchestra Concert Event [ 170K ].

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1997 Making MusicFest Kids Explaining and Performing [ 197K ].

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"The whole difference between construction
and creation is exactly this:
a thing constructed can only be loved
after it is contructed;
but a thing created is loved before it exists."

Gilbert Keith Chesterton

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