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SoundGarden: Sound & Music Explorations

If this is your first time visiting you may wish to visit the Front Door Welcome area or the Teacher's Guide page to get an overview of CafeMuse.

The SoundGarden has been designed to complement the Kitchen's teacher-oriented resources and the Resource Room's support and reference materials.

Come in!

As you enter the SoundGarden you discover five paths that lead in and out. There is a gentle breeze blowing from the west, you can hear the lazy clang of wind chimes (25") that hang on a magnificent old oak tree, there's a pond with some ducks soft ripples spread out as they glide across its surface, a beautiful bench with cryptic markings on it that remind you of a gothic courtyard, and a young lady named Euterpe (a Muse!) dressed in purple sitting on the bench softly playing her cello (60").

Further down the first path, you can see Polyhymnia, or Poly for short (another Muse!). She seems to be composing a song for some sort of religious service. If you listen carefully, you may hear her hum a few bars (30").

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The SoundGarden is Full of Online Activities!

Here you can explore a variety of ideas about sound and music! You can use the SoundGarden to discover things on your own, or you can visit the Kitchen to find a unit a study that will organize your investigations, and then return here.

Select a discovery path below:

Making Music  Who, what, when, how?

Musical Math  What does math have to do with music?

Catching Waves  How do we perceive sound?

Moving Waves  What happens when sound travels?

Making Waves  What are the basics of sound?

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"Teachers open the door,
but you must enter by yourself."

Chinese Proverb

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