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More About CafeMuse

"As the nation enters the next century, technology allows us to consider a new model of education, one that couples classroom learning and resources to education resources found quite literally throughout the world."

"In the one-room school and in today's factory-model schools, the teacher is the heart of the education enterprise. In the new model of education, the teacher will emerge as the mentor, guide, and broker to the world of knowledge made accessible by technology."

The National Academy of Sciences

Our Vision of the Future of Education

In the next ten years online education will grow into a billion dollar industry. Just as a megatrend in Marketing is to create a niche market of one, based on individual tastes and trends, so too will education move to create a customized curriculum for every learner. This curriculum will be based upon a variety of factors, including the learner's key intelligences and whether they work best with images, words, sounds, objects with their hands, individually, or in groups. The agent-based Internet technologies that will deliver these individualized curricula are in their infancy today, but will mature in the next decade.

An online site like CafeMuse will become a key resource that works hand-in-hand with these emerging technologies and the teachers that embrace them to incorporate educational content into individualized curricula, classroom management, and student assessment.

The educational content of CafeMuse provides a multi-disciplinary framework within which to explore all of the traditional pedagogical topic areas:

  • Arts
  • Language Arts
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Math
  • Technology

In order to prepare an engaged learner to succeed in the working world, their education must provide them with direct, hands-on learning and authentic experiences that allow them to think critically, solve problems, express themselves clearly, and learn to "think out of the box." Many people will have the opportunity to grow and develop in ways that were previously denied them.

Finally, we believe that learning to ask the right questions is more important than finding the answer factoid. The process of inquiry always raises more questions than answers. Becoming a successful member of the working world isn't as dependent on knowing facts anyone can look them up as it is knowing how to discover the solution to a problem, develop good work habits, and get along with your fellow workers.

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About Learning in the Internet Style

Communication, collaboration, online resource use and production are the fundamental tools for teachers who employ learning in the Internet style.

Learning in the Internet style is not a "magic pill" that will cure all of the problems facing today's educators and learners (e.g. educational reform efforts). However the Internet's strength lies in the fact that it provides a gateway to:

  • people willing to communicate and share their professional secrets to those who share their interests,
  • people willing to collaborate on a variety of classroom projects,
  • a wide array educational resources.

All of this is now available at the touch of a keyboard or mouse button and much of it is free!

Email and simple videoconferencing (like CuSeeMe) connect teachers and students to other teachers, students, parents, and online experts willing to communicate their ideas and pursue collaborative projects.

Access to the Internet provides an array of freely available resources such as information primers, lesson plans, and professional development materials.

CafeMuse provides opportunities for communication and collaboration as well as a wide array of multi-disciplinary online resources that promote learning in the Internet style.

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CafeMuse staff are also very concerned about your student's or child's effective use of the Internet. We provide information about:

Using the Internet in your Classroom information primers on how to use it effectively for learning and what software and hardware you may need.

Child Safety & Acceptable Use Policies Internet access is a priviledge and not a right for children and young adults,

Parental / Teacher Software that blocks out inappropriate sites for children and young adults based on drug, violence, hate speech, criminal, or pornographic materials.

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About National Educational Standards and Reform

Today there is much work being done in the U.S. to create national educational standards and educational reform in the areas of art, music, science, and math. So far this work has been admirable but has a long way to go before it becomes fully integrated by teachers in the field. We have integrated the spirit of these standards into all of our online resources, while recognizing that it is ultimately up to every individual teacher and home schooler to interpret and implement them in their own way.

As a result, CafeMuse doesn't offer canned curriculum. We provide a set of robust online resources that encourage educators and students to "think outside of the box," mix, match, and adapt to their own local and personal standards.

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About the CafeMuse Staff

We are a group of really amusing (a-muse-ing), creative, and lucky people who believe that effectively educating the children of the planet is a key to a successful probable future inherited by a well balanced, effective, and healthy adult population.

Inspired by our own personal muses, and what the muses of ancient Greece and Rome represent to us today, CafeMuse staff are dedicated to providing a set of online resources and a forum for mindshare unified by the topic of sound and music.

We aspire to stimulate both the intuitive and intellectual selves through a multi-disciplinary approach to learning that bridges art and science. As our point of departure, music (muse - ic) serves as a bridge for making deep connections between the inner self and the outer world thereby helping to us to construct deep, meaningful, and healthy relationships with people and the world.

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"Great spirits have always encountered
violent opposition from mediocre minds"

Albert Einstein

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