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The 1997 Making MusicFest Kickoff
Saturday June 28, 1997, 1 P.M.

Mother nature provided a gorgeous day and a good time was had by all. A few got lost in a cyberspace time warp but magically appeared the following Monday.

The CafeMuse Kids.

Getting to know each other.

Marc, Andrea.

The Treasure Hunt.


Just how do we get these T-shirts on?!

Kevin, Rob, Katherine.

The Horse Family making music.

Mike, Margot, Matt.

The Cat Family making noise.

Monica, Celia, Will.

The Monkey Family making sound.

Marc, Eric, Andrea.

The Monday Family jamming.


Time to eat!

CafeMuse - the cake!

CafeMuse - the cake!


The youngest CafeMuse Kid making music!


Making music playing the air-saxophone.

Katherine, Will.

Making music in the recording studio!

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"Among all men [and women] on Earth
bards have a share of honor and reverence,
because the muse has taught them songs
and loves the race of bards."


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