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So you have questions about what makes music? Cool, so do we. We learn something new about sound and making music every day. In fact when you ask us questions we get to learn new things about sound and making music by providing you with suggestions to further your investigations. Afterall, learning is a lifelong pursuit.

Frequently Asked Questions many people have the same questions about sound and music! You may wish to check these before you Ask the Experts!

????? Inquiry Tips ??????

We'll be able to help you and/or your students better if you follow some of these suggestions:

  • Try to be as specific as possible with your question; more detail is better,
  • Include your grade level so we can frame our responses at an appropriate conceptual and content level,
  • Please let us know what you intend to use this information for,
  • After you receive a response, we'd really appreciate hearing back from you whether the information was useful or not, so we can continually improve this service!

So please ask away. We'll do our best to reply within 72 hours, remember we're only human (sometimes we travel on business and every now and then we go on vacation).

Just select "Send us your ??????????? now" below and question away. Make sure your Explorer, Netscape, or whatever browser you're using is properly configured to include your email return address:

Send us your ??????????? now.

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"The 'silly question' is the first intimation of some totally new development."

Alfred North Whitehead

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