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CafeMuse: Bridging Art & Science

Learning is a life-long process that involves constructing "bridges" from the unknown to the known. Designed to encourage and facilitate "bridge building" through its array of educational activities and supporting resources, CafeMuse is a place for educators and students to use to support your own classroom explorations; whether your classroom is online, in your mind, or in a living room. Best of all, it's open 24 hours a day and it's free!

Our educational resources:

  • inspire and educate
  • promote critical thinking
  • nurture individual creativity
  • encourage personal growth
  • serve multi-generational audiences
  • present a broad array of ideas and promote dialogue
  • promote participation in musical and scientific activities

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Front Door —
How Can I Explore?

As you enter you are greeted by Klio (a Muse!) who is busy guiding visitors to various parts of CafeMuse. There is a beautiful garden and four virtual rooms that entice you, with their sights, sounds, and smells to visit and explore them.

Teachers may wish to begin with the Teacher's Guide or in the Kitchen to check out lesson plans, background information, and other activities.

Those interested in exploring our online sound and music activities may wish to visit the SoundGarden first.

For those interested in receiving our CafeMuseletter or trying Ask the Experts! check out the CoffeeShop.

Be sure to check out our Resource Room for great sets of supporting music bookmarks and other useful Internet resources.

What are the CafeMuse kids up to? Visit the Kids Create! Gallery to find out.

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"Where the world ceases to be the scene
of our personal hopes and wishes,
where we face it as free beings admiring,
asking and observing,
there we enter the realm of Art and Science."

Albert Einstein

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