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Sound Glossary Kitchen
Sound basics.

Glossary of Terms

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Acoustics The science of sound, its production, transmission, and perception.

Sound The sensation experienced through the sense of hearing; the stimulation of auditory nerves in the ear by vibrations in the air.

Noise Sound which is discordant or unpleasant to our ears; disorganized sound.

Music Expressive combinations of sounds; patterned or organized sound.

Vibration A regular motion.

Frequency The rate of repetition of a vibration. If a wave of vibration travels so that one complete wave passes a given point every second, the frequency is one cycle per second (one hertz, or Hz).

Sound wave A pressure area produced by a vibration, it travels through a medium and causes a reaction in the ear and brain (auditory pathway) which we interpret as sound.

Wavelength The distance between the similar peaks of adjacent soundwaves. Related to pitch; higher pitches have shorter wavelengths, lower pitches have longer wavelengths.

Pitch The highness or lowness of a sound.

Amplitude The amount of energy in a sound wave, which determines the amount of pressure it produces on the ear. (Loudness; volume.)

Timbre A property of sound, independent of pitch or amplitude, that distinguishes one voice or instrument from another; tonal quality or "color."

Tone The pitch or frequency of a sound.

Resonance The amplification of a sound by waves of identical frequency from another sound source resulting in sound with a richer, louder tone.

Rhythm The organization of durations in time; measures and beats.

Decibel A unit used to measure the amplitude (loudness) of sound.

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