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Classroom Music-related Lessons II TeachNet
A variety of classroom lesson plans.

Mime Your Own Business

This project can be adapted for students of all age levels and abilities. It is equally effective with bilingual and ESL students.

Play It Again, Sam

This project was developed for 110 students: two kindergarten classes and intermediate and upper grade bilingual students ten to fourteen years old.

More Than Music

This project was developed for 92 students in grades 4-8. It can be used for large or small groups of students of various ages and abilities.

Mask Making And Dramatic Play

This project can be adapted for children in grades K-8, including Special Education, Bilingual and Gifted students.

Cantando, We Learn!

The Cantando, We Learn! has been used successfully with first to fifth-grade students. The project is easily adaptable to all grade levels and to students of different learning abilities.

Heal the World With Music

In 1993-94, sixty fifth and sixth graders in two classes with a, variety of achievement levels, many limited-English proficient, and some Spanish readers, participated in making musical books. Grades K-8 have been successful participants in this activity.

Becoming That Scientist!

Sixty-six sixth graders, including ESL and special education, students, participated in the 1993-94 school year. All students, successfully completed the key areas of the unit. Adaptations to, individual learning levels included teaming students and, modifications of assignments.

Types of Poetry

Poems, visions of our world, are made of carefully chosen words. They are arranged in special ways because of their sound patterns, or the shapes they make.

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"We are what we think.
All that we are arises in our thoughts.
With our thoughts, we make our world."

Gautama Buddha

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